We are not the owners of the Church, but rather stewards of God’s church. As such, we seek to be faithful and responsible stewards of the gifts that we are given. There are many ways to support the ministry at Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church:

Pledges and Online Giving

One of the ways in which we structure our budget is by receiving pledges in advance of our budget year. This is a commitment to support the future of the church and is greatly valued. We also offer online giving. If you'd like to donate using our secure platform, please click the button below. If you would like to designate the gift for a specific purpose, please indicate that when you make your donation. 

As we work to share Christ’s peace with one another, let’s share that peace with those beyond our doors, beyond our communities and beyond our borders. The Peace & Global Witness Offering provides the tools and resources for us as we join together, connected as active peacemakers.

Our Peace and Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice in our own communities and across the world.

To contribute to the Special Offering, there is a line specifically dedicated to this event in our online giving form. Please also know you do not need to create a password or account when submitting your charitable gift. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Weekly Offering

Every Sunday in our worship we offer a prayer of dedication for the gifts given to our weekly offering. You can find a box outside of the sanctuary for your offering. All the money in the offering box will go to support the ministry of Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church. We have occasional special offerings that are dedicated to directly supporting some of our ministry partners. On those Sundays, everything left in the offering box will be designated for the special offering.

Presence and Prayer

There is nothing that helps the church fulfill its mission like the gift of community. If you feel that you are not in a place to contribute financially, we are so grateful for the ways in which you give through your love and prayer. Whether you serve on a committee, volunteer in worship, attend weekly, or attend bi-annually, we are so blessed by the gifts you bring!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to get involved, we welcome you to contact us. We can be reached by calling our office at 585-244-8585, sending an email through our secure contact page, or stopping by during our office hours. We're located at 1200 S. Winton Road in Brighton, NY.