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Where The Dead Fern Grows

A dead fern in a pot that's sitting on an office desk.

This is one of those blogs that I felt I had to write. Not because it’s worth writing about, but because I accidentally had the idea and couldn’t get rid of it. If you’re here for theological reflections today, I must caution you that this is not your week. If you are here for insight, I regret to inform you that you must go elsewhere. If you are here for a coherence, I leave you to be the judge but ask that you don’t blame me. If you are here for a weird conceptual blog post that probably was best left on the cutting room floor, then BOY HAVE I GOT GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Hat tip to Jane V for the brilliant title!


Here lies Fern2024-2024. We dreamed of greener days. We awoke too soon.

I like ferns. I like them a lot. They’re probably my favorite non-flowering, part-shade, decorative plant. So imagine my joy when I found a fern that I could call my very own. I potted it myself.

And yet…

And yet…

In remembrance: To my dear sweet fern, resting now in the dirt that once gave you life, I am sorry. Had I but known your need for moisture, then the world may be different now. Alas, I learned too late. My desperate over-watering was a futile gesture, hoping against hope that it might provide you with the sustenance I had denied you. Now you sit, withered and dead.

Ever since I was a lad, I had a dream of owning a fern. Never could I realize this dream, owing to the fact that my cat would eat you and get sick. I brought you to my office and spoke lovingly of you. All those who came to visit were informed of your beauty and promise.

I had such hopes for you, and I’m sorry you were never able to realize them. There was a day in which I could envisage you sitting on the floor, resplendent in your new pot, as bushy as my beard. I set you on a path for success, but then I let the path grow arid.

You never even produced spores. I don’t really know what would have happened when you did, because I never took the time to read about it. Had I the foresight to understand your reproductive habits, then perhaps I would have understood that you needed more water than my succulent. Now you will never be able to be proud of your small ferns, as I was proud of you.

Your pot is empty, just like my heart. You were irreplaceable, yet I soldier on as you would have wanted me to. I’ve learned from you and will forever be grateful for those lessons. When I next pot a plant, I will make sure that it does not need as much water. I might just get a fake plant. Whatever I do, I’ll name it Fern.

You will be long remembered by your friends: Snakeplant, Pothos, and unidentified succulent. Their memories will be long and lasting, because they don’t need as much water and I probably won’t kill them.

Rest in Peat,

Rev. Jeff Fox-Kline


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