Women's Association

The TCPC Women’s Association has met for many years to share devotions, prayers, fellowship lunch, and to hear from special speakers. The group welcomes all women to bring a lunch and we provide beverages and dessert. They collect the “least coin” to help others and support various community outreach organizations. During the year, they meet with other community groups such as Our Lady of Lourdes and Temple B’rith Kodesh for joined lunches. The Women's Association also collects items for May Day Baskets and assemble and deliver to TCPC shut-ins. They participate in potlucks, bake sales, and holiday events. Come and be part of a group that seeks to understand our faith and help others!

Men's Bible Study Group

The Men’s Bible Study Group dates back to the early days of our Congregation. It is now a multi-congregational group with men attendees from the surrounding community. They meet every Thursday morning at 7 AM. The group shares coffee, donuts, cares and concerns, and actively pray for each other. The group reads passages of the Bible aloud together and discusses the passage later for context and thoughts. In this way, their understanding of the scriptures is deepened, and appreciation grows for the way each member understands them. A small collection at each meeting helps pay expenses and also provides a fund for charitable contributions.